When is the Right Time to Purchase a Car?

The time of year when you shop for a new or even secondhand car is the determinant factor in what kind of deal you will get. Keeping a close eye on the calendar will help you take advantage of the offers available during the best months to acquire a car. Absolutely no one would reject saving more than thousands of dollars when buying their dream car. So, which are the best months and the right time to purchase a car?


During the summer, convertibles are always desirable, and the chances of there being bargains then are higher than in the winter seasons. At the end of every quarter, most particularly in the end days of June and December, most dealers are keen to archive their quarterly market and sales targets. The chances of them offering a good deal during these months is high. Summer seasons often create a platform for dealers to offer big discounts on four-wheel-drive vehicles. This is because the four-wheel-drive vehicles are in high demand during winter and autumn. Hence, their prices peak.


The months of February and August are also among the best months for dealers to make good offers, discounts, and real bargains. During these months, most people are waiting for the new number plates that come during the months of March and September. Therefore, the sales to the dealers are low. Vehicle dealers will not likely avoid sitting and having conversations with the buyer. The buyer can even take advantage of the lull. The downside of this is that one can have an old number plate, and that will make the car at hand seem even older than it is.


Another opportunity for when it is appropriate to buy a car at a good price is when new models come out. Note that you can choose a previous model in the showroom during those weeks. All dealers want to move the stock. This means they give their customers good deals for the vehicles. It is important to note that models that are older depreciate quicker than the newly arrived models, even though they are roughly in the same age range.


The last work day of the week, Friday, is the day to drop by a showroom because the rest of the days are quieter. Then, the dealers are always on their toes to meet their weekly targets, and this gives an advantage for a buyer to bargain on good terms with the salesman. Another great time to get a new car at a fairly good price is a few months after a model’s launching. Then there is always less showroom buzz about the model, and the probability of the dealer giving you a better offer is higher.


For used cars, summer or spring seasons are the worst for purchasing a convertible car. Winter is appropriate because the demand is lower then. September and March are promising for buying a secondhand car because the same months are peak months for the sales of new vehicles, mostly through part-exchange deals. The dealers always have a lot of used cars for sale by then, making it more advantageous for a secondhand car buyer.


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