Tips To Prepare For Buying A Home

According to a February 2017 article in KTAR News, a person can buy a home without having to rebuild his or her credit. An individual seeking advice had a question about obtaining a secured credit card with the goal of buying a home in the future. A traditional credit card relies on a promise to pay in exchange for a line of credit. Missed payments can damage a credit score. A secured credit card is often used by people trying to rebuild their credit. The credit cards require a down payment and are similar to a prepaid card. The difference is that the credit card company reports payments to the credit bureaus. There are several tips to prepare for buying a home that include your credit score and saving money.

The financial expert told the woman that obtaining a secured credit card is not a good idea. It is not a powerful tool when rebuilding credit or wanting to buy a home. Instead, the most powerful tool to rebuild credit is income.

Having income and less debt helps to rebuild credit. A person has the ability to build wealth because there are no extra payments to make. Having major payments means a person is most likely to not save money. More tips to prepare for buying a home can be found below.


Property in Arizona can be Purchased Without a Good Credit Score

It is possible for a person to obtain a mortgage without a credit score via manual underwriting. However, there is a catch. The individual must have a long history of paying other bills on time. These other bills include rent and utilities. Another way to secure a mortgage via manual underwriting is to pay debts completely off and close credit accounts. Both of these things should be done at least six months prior to trying to obtain a loan.


Save Money in Phoenix Prior to Looking for a Home

Becoming debt free is the ultimate goal prior to buying a home. There are two other things that need to occur before buying a home like building an emergency fund and saving for a down payment. An emergency fund is a way to have money for unexpected expenses like a home repair or mortgage payments if the individual suddenly becomes unemployed.

A down payment is a great way to decrease the amount of mortgage payments in the future. Save enough money as possible to help secure the perfect home.

If you are in the market for a home in the Valley, these tips to prepare for buying a home are just some of the ways that you can get your finances on track.

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