Cash-N-Go Terms of Service

A customer “Informed Consent” document is given to all Cash-N-Go clients -to sign and review- when getting a loan with Cash-N-Go, LLC.

Customer “Informed Consent” Document

A. I have reviewed the contract “Truth in Lending” disclosures on the contract:

1. annual percentage interest rate on the loan
2. finance charge if I keep the loan open for the term of the loan
3. amount financed
4. total of payment, including interest and principal (if any) if I make all scheduled payments.

I understand whether my loan is interest only or amortized. I understand that if it is interest only, the principal will not be reduced unless I make extra payments against principal.

B. I understand that payments are due on the 1st and 16th of every month. I understand that if I want to make payments only once per month, as long as my account is current, I can combine two payments on the first scheduled payment date. This will make my account one payment ahead, which will avoid the late fees and potential default notices and fees I would incur if I were running one payment late.

C. I understand that billing statements are mailed about 3 or 4 days prior to the payment due date (in order that they correctly reflect late fees, etc.). However, I understand it is my responsibility to make the payment on time even if the mail is late.

D. I understand I will be assessed a late fee (of $10 or 5 % of the missed payment, whichever is less) if the payment is not made within 10 calendar days of the due date.

E. I understand that a default notice may be generated if I am more that 3 days late in making my payment. In the event a default notice is generated, I will be assessed a default fee of $15. However, if I make a payment arrangement acceptable to the Cash-n-Go staff, I will not be assessed the default fee. If I do not reach the staff during working hours, I can leave a “proposed payment arrangement” message on the after-hours live answering service line.

(Client initials_________________)
(Co-borrower _________________)

F. I understand payments can be made by cash, personal check, money order, cashier’s check, Visa/Mastercharge credit or debit cards, or electronic check. Payments can be made:

1. by mail to Cash-n-Go LLC, 6148 N 7th Street Suite A, Phoenix AZ 85014
2. in person to our staff at either office during normal business hours
3. after hours at either office through the drop slot in the office front door
4. by phone to our office during normal business hours or online at azcashngo.com. For either of these options, there will be a fee of $5.50

I understand that if my check bounces, or if any other payment I make is
disallowed by the bank, I will be assessed a fee and future payments may have to
be made via cash or certified funds.

G. I understand that Arizona is an electronic lien state so that Cash-n-Go LLC is not in physical possession of my title. I understand that while the normal cycle for me to receive my title from MVD after the release of my lien by Cash-n-Go LLC is 5 business days, I may (for a fee) be able to pick up my title from MVD or a third party processor in 2 or 3 hours.

Assuming that all previous payments have cleared, I understand that at payoff, the cycle time for Cash-n-Go to process the lien release on my title is a function of the payoff method I select as follows:

1. immediate lien release for a cash payoff
2. 15 business days to release the lien after a payoff by personal check (whether paper or electronic), cashier’s check, or money order
3. 90 days to release the lien after payoff by credit or debit card UNLESS presented with a monthly statement showing the funds have been released AND the signing of a non-dispute form

H. I understand that title loans of less than $2500 from Cash-n-Go LLC require that the car be insured for liability only, but loans of more that $2500 require that I maintain comprehensive/collision coverage with deductibles of no more than $1000.

(Client initials_______________)
(co-borrower ________________)

I. I understand that if my title loan is in default status, my car may be repossessed. I understand that once the repossession process is initiated, there is a fee of at least $125, and once the vehicle has been repossessed there is and additional fee of at least $150. Further, I understand there is a daily storage fee once the vehicle has been repossessed but is awaiting disposition.

J. I understand that if my loan is in default status, Cash-n-Go LLC may use any and
all of its resources to collect debt including legal suit that may result in a judgment
and/or bank or wage garnishment.

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Been with Cash-N-Go 3 years. Every time we talk with Shelby or Jay at the Glendale office on Bell, it feels like we are talking to family. The experience is wonderful. When we need help, it’s there and easy.

Heather JollyPhoenix, AZ

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