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  • Needing Financial Help In Retirement

    According to Arizona Republic June 2017 article, a Deer Valley housing developer is targeting retiring Phoenix residents with low-income housing. A seven-story complex on a midtown Phoenix corner is the new location for low-income seniors. This will be one of three locations planned for seniors who need daily assistance, but may not be able to… View Article
  • Simple Ways To Save Money

    In a March 2017 ABC15 article, a survey found that more than 60% of Americans do not have at least $1,000 in emergency savings. A group of financially savvy people were interviewed by ABC15 about how others might use simple ways to save money save that $1,000 emergency fund and even more money. Here is… View Article
  • Needing Cash While In Retirement

    According to an April 2017 article in The Republic, about 40% of Americans say they have less than $1,000 in liquid savings. Many individuals spend any money they have available. When a tax refund, retirement plan payout, or some other windfall comes a person’s way, he or she is often needing cash while in retirement… View Article
  • Making Money Online

    According to a 3TV/CBS5 April 2017 news report, teachers are earning additional money and saving valuable time using the Internet. They are making money online by buying and selling lesson plans and teaching material online. This trend has become a booming business driven by other teachers willing to pay money for classroom-tested materials and higher… View Article
  • Tips On Saving Cash With Title Loans In The New Year

    The New Year is here, and for residents of Arizona, it is challenging to get title loans. Do not bother yourself with lots of questions because I am going to give you some tips on saving cash with title loans in Phoenix. First of all, you need to know what a title loan or auto… View Article
  • Title Loans in Arizona

    Acquiring loans and having to loan out one of your most valued assets might not be the most appealing idea to you. In most cases, getting to be eligible for that loan is a big problem even when you have the assets to prove that you can pay back the loan easily. This is why… View Article
  • Phoenix Residents Can Save Money As The Weather Gets Warmer

    According to KTVK, spring is the ideal time to save money on future utilities bills and Phoenix residents can save money as the weather gets warmer. Most people wait until there is a 100-degree day to turn on the air conditioner in their homes. However, it is a perfect time to turn on the air… View Article
  • Arizona Bill May Allow Residents to Obtain Lines of Credit Loans

    In 2010, payday loans were outlawed in Arizona. Lawmakers, however, may be ready to make them legal again in a different form. In March of 2017, the Arizona Legislature introduced a bill allowing individuals with bad credit or no credit to take out lines of credit loans, according to the Arizona Republic. The fee for… View Article
  • More Residents Being Fined for Jaywalking

    According to the Phoenix New Times, more Phoenix residents being fined for jaywalking. Jaywalking, or crossing the street while not in a crosswalk or crossing when the light indicates not to cross, is illegal in Arizona and around the country. However, it is one of those laws not generally enforced in the Phoenix and surrounding… View Article
  • Using Tax Returns To Pay Off Debts

    According to the Muskogee Phoenix, people will be using tax returns to pay off debts. The Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, released statistics indicating almost $142.09 billion has been issued at the end of February 2017 to 46.53 million taxpayers. The average tax refund is $3,053. How are people using those tax refunds? The temptation… View Article
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