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  • Homeowners Make Costly Mistakes When Trying To Save On Summer Electric Bills

    According to KTAR News, Phoenix homeowners are making costly mistakes when trying to save money on their summer electric bills. In its April 2017 report, reporters explained the five common myths homeowners believe. These myths often make electric bills escalate higher than the desert temperature in the summer.   Over-Insulate the Attic to Save Money… View Article
  • How To Get Emergency Cash When Your AC Breaks In Phoenix

    There is no doubt about it. The summer is just starting and it will one to remember with the current, oppressive heat wave. According to a June 2017 report from ABC15, it is important to stay cool in these high temperatures while saving money. The nice thing about an AC unit is that it is… View Article
  • Arizona’s Sick Time Law May Make it Harder to Discipline Employees

    According to the June 2017 article in The Arizona Republic, the new Arizona sick time law may make it harder to reassign employees or even fire them. The new sick time law goes into effect July 1, 2017. The paid sick leave is for all workers whether they are part-time, seasonal, temporary or full-time. According… View Article
  • Tips for Phoenix Businesses Wanting to Get Out of Debt

    According to a May 2017 USA Today article, operating a debt-free business is achievable, even though carrying debt is often a necessary part of running a business. While some debt has advantages like establishing a line of credit to help a company hire new employees, too much debt can stagnate a business and put it… View Article
  • Avoid Repossession of your Vehicle After a Late or Missing Payment

    According to a May 2017 USA Today article, a person who misses or makes late car payments can still keep his or her car and avoid repossession. In fact, the article claims that people should not panic, but they cannot take too long to act, either. Delinquent car payments are placed on an individual’s credit… View Article
  • Save Money On A Tight Budget

    It is possible to save money on a tight budget. According to the Arizona Republic’s April 2017 article, by the time an individual is in his or her third decade of life, saving can take a backseat to bills. A person may be making payments on student loans, rent, and other financial priorities. The ways… View Article
  • Funding A Retirement Plan

    According to an April 2017 USA Today report, many people fall short in their retirement plan goals because of lack of planning. Many people start planning for retirement too late, withdraw their funds too early, or simply invest too little. Others may rely too much on Social Security or encounter less obvious pitfalls that can… View Article
  • Saving Money As A College Graduate

    Life in the real world often comes with a huge price tag and saving money as a college graduate can be tough. Rent, work, utilities, and student loans are just some things on a college graduate’s financial to-do list. According to a USA Money May 2017 article, saving money can be on that to-do list,… View Article
  • Saving Money On A Vacation

    According to a May 2017 KARE11 article, Phoenix residents can learn tips and trick on how saving money on a vacation can work for them. The key is learning and understanding tips on how to save money on a vacation. An average vacation costs about $4,500 for a family of four people. While the entire… View Article
  • Emergency Fund Tips Can Save $1,260 a Year By Saving $3.50 a Day

    According to an Arizona Republic’s June 2017 article, people are saving money in the wrong way and not following emergency fund tips to save cash. This latest saving concept from the Vanguard Group showed how to save $1,260 a year by drinking coffee at home rather than buying it at a coffee shop. Doing this… View Article
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