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  • How To Teach Your Kids About Money

    According ABC15 Arizona, it is possible for parents to teach children about money without the typical reaction of tears and begging. Every parent has heard pleas from their kids about really, really wanting a toy even though they understand their parents do not have the money. Are parents setting their kids up for future financial failure… View Article
  • New Minimum Wage Law Increases Hourly Pay to $10

    According to an ABC15 news report, many small businesses in the valley are trying to cover the additional expense related to the minimum wage increase. The business are charging consumers with a living wage surcharge.   The New Minimum Wage Law Increases Hourly Pay to $10 in Phoenix Arizona and 18 other states began 2017… View Article
  • Financial Planning Can Help Phoenix Under-Spenders Save

    According to an Arizona Daily Sun article, chronic under-spenders should spend money on themselves—sometimes. A chronic under-spender is a person who is not just frugal, but who fears spending money. He or she is so afraid of losing money he or she often delays paying for important things like healthcare, home repairs, or vehicle repairs.… View Article
  • Home in Five Down Payment Assistance

    According to The Arizona Republic, more Phoenix residents wanting to buy a home in the area may be able to obtain Home in Five down payment assistance. About five years ago, both Phoenix and Maricopa industrial development authorities created a fund to help first-time home buyers obtain a 30-year government-backed mortgage. The fund is called… View Article
  • Hot Locations for Small Businesses In Phoenix

    Tempe, Scottsdale, and the area along Camelback Corridor are helping Phoenix improve the Valley office market, according to The Arizona Republic. Office leasing has steadily improved over the past year. About 3.2 million square feet of office space was rented in 2016. This includes about 415,000 square feet of office space rented in the fourth… View Article
  • Money Saving Tips for Phoenix Residents

    Saving money can be extremely hard and stressful in today’s economy. Not everyone is fortunate enough to receive a pay raise from their employer or have the ability to work more than one job. That does not mean individuals cannot give themselves a bonus if they wish to. Saving money is one great way to… View Article
  • Where To Get a Short Term Loan For Business Owners After Minimum Wage Hike

    A short term loan for business owners is an immediate financial solution after the Arizona minimum wage increase. The Arizona Supreme Court rejected a challenge to a voter-approved minimum wage increase law, according to The Arizona Republic. The decision happened in mid-March 2017. The challengers to the minimum wage increase was a group of businesses… View Article
  • Short Term Loan For College Tuition

    Due to the potential increases at state universities, students in Arizona may need a short term loan for college tuition. According to The Arizona Republic, tuition may increase again at Arizona’s state universities for the 2017-2018 school year. In March, university presidents released their tuition and fees proposals for the next school year. The state’s… View Article
  • What Happens to a Title Loan Debt if the Car Owner Dies?

    One thing that differentiates a title loan from other loan types is that it’s secured. Your car title is used as lien against your credit line. This simply means that the value of your vehicle will be appraised, and your maximum loan amount will be based on the appraisal value. Moreover, this also means that… View Article
  • Are Americans Aware of How Much Their Credit Score Affects Their Lives?

    Everyone in the United States rely on credit for everyday life. The typical American parents use their credit lines to acquire properties, pay off utility bills, children’s education and other necessary expenses. Nonetheless, while this works for financially literate people, too much reliance on credit can potentially harm clueless spenders’ financial future. Financial planning is… View Article
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